Meetings and Events

Chapter Meetings 2020-21

Message from President, Karyn Wenger:

Hello Ladies, What a crazy time this is. I hope that this email finds you safe and healthy right now. We are going to cancel the IN-PERSON meetings for this year. What does that mean and look like? Well ladies we will have to step up our internet and email game! We are going to have themes for our newsletters. A few things you need to put on your “To-Do List”. First things first, try your best to participate. I know that these times are strange and different. Some of us might have more time on our hands and some of us might have less, but as the President I put time into planning. Many fellow ladies have took time to help organize the different themes and ideas. I feel appreciated and supported through your simply remembering what to do with just a simple picture, or story to be submitted for the newsletter. Second, mark the months on your calendar. I am going to send out stickers(for my “old school” paper calendar ladies…..that includes myself) and for everyone who is techie I will add the google calendar with the meetings’ themes. The themes are in the orange box below. So for each meeting we will have a different idea/theme and within the time before the newsletter goes out you can submit them up until the 12th of each month! On the 15th of each month I will send out the newsletters! Send any photos of the that month’s theme to Chelsey. EXAMPLE: for the first month newsletter that will come out on October 15th you need to send me pictures of your favorite candies, perhaps some fun pictures of past Halloween trick or treaters, some ideas of other things you can do instead of trick or treating, etc. by the 12th of October. ALSO send in your favorite book title, what you have binge watched, and any new or rekindled hobbies. Along with having a theme for each newsletter, we will also have a permanent area in each of them for: Book Corner(book recommendations), Birthdays (please email Cailey if you have not sent her your birthday to put in the yearbook), Binge watching, What new hobbies or old hobbies have you rekindled, Membership Anniversaries, and DKG fun facts. These can be sent in all year long to me to have new ideas and fresh recommendations.

PS-Also hidden in each newsletter will be a riddle. If you email Pat with the correct answer first, then you win a special treat that will be snail mailed to you! 


Send in by the 12th of each month/Newsletter will be sent on the 15th of each month below!

Meeting 1: September “meeting” I will introduce what our thoughts are for the year to come. I will list below the different ideas and themes for the “newsletter meetings. ”

Meeting 2: October “meeting” will be all about Halloween….send in pictures of your loved ones dressing up(even if that means our beloved four legged friends). Or if you have an alternative way of trick or treating such as a scavenger hunt etc.? Meeting 3: November “meeting” will be all about traditions and holidays. What do you do over the holidays? Do you have a traditional recipe? Or a favorite must try recipe?

Meeting 4: February “meeting” will be all about Destination. Have you always dreamed about going somewhere? Maybe you went on your dream vacation? Where was it and was your expectations met?

Meeting 5: April “meeting” will be all about your summer plans, gardening tips, and pictures of your favorite flowers.

Council, State, and International Events

International Regional Conferences (2021)
Portland, Oregon July 7-10
San Antonio, Texas  July 21-24
Tampere, Finland  July 28-31

State Board Meeting
September 11, 2021
Location TBD

Fall Arts Retreat (FAR)
November, 2021
​Location TBD


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