Alpha Gamma Chapter members are part of the Alpha Epsilon State organization and The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.  Membership in the Society totals over 82,000 members from 17 countries and is by invitation. Alpha Gamma members work and/or live in Porter County.

Membership Information.

There are three classes of members.  An active member shall be a woman who is employed as a professional educator or has been retired from an educational position. Active members share in financing chapter activities through dues, participate in chapter programs and projects, contribute to committee work, vote and may hold office. Reserve membership is for those who are unable to participate fully in the activities of the chapter because of physical disability and/or geographic location.  They have all the privileges and responsibilities of membership except that of holding office.  Reserve member dues are reduced at the International and State levels. Honorary members are women not eligible for active membership who have rendered notable service in education or to women and are elected in recognition of such service. They may participate in all activities except that of holding office.

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